Humanizing Homelessness Starts With You

Our Vision: Humanizing the people experiencing homelessness

Our Mission: Making it easier to help the homeless

Humanize Homelessness is an all-volunteer tax-exempt organization in Bellevue, Washington - dedicated to the principle that helping those less fortunate in our community leads to a kinder, more supportive and more successful society for all of us.

Know Your Neighbor

This program provides a safe environment for Humanize Homelessness volunteers to interact with people experiencing homelessness and publish photo stories on social networks.

Be our Champion

Humanize Homelessness awards a ‘Badge of Honor’ to participating businesses and contributing individuals in recognition of their action in connecting with and serving their communities.

Back on your feet

People experiencing homelessness are shown the path to employment through resume building, coaching, mentoring, and networking with local employers.

Overview of our programs

If you call the Seattle area your home, you have seen the increasing rate of homelessness in the area over the past 10 years. With homeless numbers growing at a pace faster that of New York City and Los Angeles, the people in Seattle who are better off economically cannot ignore the large number of our neighbors who are struggling daily. A community cannot be considered truly strong until those among us who are struggling are lifted up by those who are able to lift. This is what binds us together and compels us to act.

Founded in 2018 by a group of like-minded individuals, Humanize Homelessness, was started to help the already hard working shelters bridge the gap between people who need help and the individuals & businesses who can help. Learn more by watching our Overview video.

Let's Get Social

By working with Humanize Homelessness, organizations create lasting impact with a credible organization that has the right ties to the community. Humanize Homelessness is the connecting thread between people/businesses like you and one of the largest underserved populations in our community. We empower the full potential of your effort : Through the Humanize Homelessness services, we can help shelters realize their mission more efficiently to get the un-housed back on their feet faster.

Interested in Helping?